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X(Twitter) collaborates with Google Ad Manager

X(Twitter) collaborates with Google Ad Manager in new partnership.

X(Twitter) collaborates with Google Ad Manager in a strategic partnership, enhancing advertising capabilities. Elevate your marketing reach with this powerful alliance.

X, formerly known as Twitter, has recently partnered with the Google Display Network as part of its strategy to address a significant decline in ad revenue. This move comes in the wake of a 59% drop in advertising revenue in the United States, following Elon Musk’s takeover last year.

In an effort to boost ad sales and profitability, X has opted to outsource the sale of some of its ad space, allowing advertisers to leverage the X home feed inventory through Google Ads Display campaigns. While the specifics of the deal remain undisclosed, this collaboration opens up an opportunity for advertisers to tap into X’s vast audience of over 200 million actively engaged daily users.

Linda Yaccarino, appointed as the new CEO in May, is part of Musk’s strategy to address the ad revenue challenge. The collaboration with Google is seen as a significant step, considering Google’s dominance in the advertising industry. However, it’s important to note that X does not have the same stringent advertising guidelines in place, posing a potential risk of campaigns appearing alongside unrestricted or offensive content.

Tom Ruff, Head of Social at digital marketing agency Journey Further, emphasized the potential of the partnership, highlighting the importance of data sharing between Google and X. He noted that the combination of Google’s data with X could create a powerful marketing database, depending on how the companies choose to share their data.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the partnership, stating that X has signed up to monetize its home feed with Google Ad Manager. Advertisers, as always, have the option to choose where their ads run, and participating publishers must adhere to Google’s publisher policies.

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This collaboration marks a strategic move for X to address its ad revenue challenges and opens up possibilities for advertisers to reach a broader audience. The success of this partnership will depend on how effectively the two companies integrate their data and campaigns. As the industry watches closely, the question remains: Will Google help X regain its position in the advertising revenue landscape? Stay tuned for updates.

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