Empowering Kenyan SMEs to Thrive in the Digital Economy: The Story of Tappi

Learn how Kenyan startup Tappi is revolutionizing SMEs' online presence, enabling them to grow their businesses in the digital economy. Discover how Tappi's innovative SaaS solution simplifies the process, expands their reach, and builds trust with customers.

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Tappi, a Kenyan startup founded by Kenfield Griffith and Louis Majanja, is on a mission to transform the online presence of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya and Nigeria. With an ingenious chat tool, Tappi empowers SMEs to create their own webpage effortlessly, allowing them to be discovered online within minutes.

Innovative SaaS Solution for Kenyan SMEs to Excel in the Digital Economy

Streamlined Three-Step Process to Boost Visibility

Through Tappi’s user-friendly app, SME owners can customize their webpages to reflect their unique “look and feel.” Furthermore, Tappi assists these businesses in promoting themselves on major platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads, utilizing airtime credit or mobile money. By eliminating the need for expensive food-ordering apps, Tappi helps SMEs accept payments directly from customers and facilitates seamless communication through WhatsApp. Additionally, Tappi ensures that customer feedback is reliable and verified, building trust and credibility for these businesses.

Building on Success: From Ajua to Tappi

Griffith and Majanja’s previous venture, Ajua, provided customer experience management tools to prominent organizations in the region, gaining insights from transactions worth US$1 billion. Recognizing the growing demand from SMEs for similar software, they founded Tappi as a separate entity to focus on mobile-first solutions, automation, and simplifying UI/UX for SMEs.

Unleashing the Potential of African SMEs

As the digital economy flourishes in Africa, Tappi believes that SMEs must embrace the internet to expand and compete effectively. Many SMEs struggle to establish their online presence due to complex tools, the requirement for international credit cards, or visibility in untrusted spaces. Tappi addresses these challenges by providing a top-of-the-funnel approach to finding customers digitally, catering to the needs of service industries like food, health, beauty, and fashion.

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Expanding Horizons and Nurturing Growth

Tappi’s subscriber base is rapidly growing, with a focus on reducing onboarding friction and fostering partnerships across Africa. With strategic relationships in Ivory Coast and backing from reputable investors and advisors, Tappi is poised to make significant strides in Francophone Africa.

Unveiling the SaaS Model

Adhering to the traditional SaaS model, Tappi strives for robust unit economics, aiming for gross profit margins between 70% to 85%. With a monthly subscription approach, SMEs gain access to Tappi’s full-stack tool, incorporating online identity, verified reviews, Tappi Phonebook, and a range of online and offline marketing tools.

Key Learnings and Unwavering Focus

Navigating the challenges of spinning out a new company, Tappi’s founders have embraced the startup journey, wearing multiple hats to overcome obstacles. Their relentless commitment to simplifying SME tools, enhancing customer reach, and fostering growth in the digital economy keeps them driven and grounded.

In conclusion, Tappi’s innovative SaaS solution is revolutionizing the digital presence of Kenyan SMEs, fostering their growth in the dynamic African digital economy.

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