Google’s AI-Powered Search: Unveiling Exciting Features for Creative Expression and Writing Assistance

Google's AI-Powered Search
Explore creativity with Google's SGE! AI-generated images and versatile draft writing redefine search, backed by robust filters. Opt-in for a dynamic experience.

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In a groundbreaking move, Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is stepping up its game with innovative features designed to enhance user creativity and writing capabilities. The latest updates include AI-generated image creation and advanced draft writing within the SGE interface.

AI-Generated Images: Unleashing Creative Expression

Google’s SGE now boasts an impressive AI image generation feature. Users can input prompts specifying the desired image type, such as drawings, photos, or paintings. SGE then returns four results within the conversational experience, offering a visual feast that can be downloaded as .png files. This feature, powered by Google’s Imagen text-to-image model, extends its utility to Google Image search. If standard search results fall short, users can create a new image using prompts directly within the image search results.

However, Google remains cautious about potential misuse and has implemented stringent measures. The new image generation feature is limited to users aged 18 and older, even as SGE recently opened up to teens aged 13-17. Google has integrated strict filtering policies to prevent the creation of harmful, misleading, or explicit content. Prohibitions extend to images containing photorealistic faces and prompts mentioning notable people, aiming not only to curb inappropriate content but also to counter the spread of misinformation.

Recognizing the imperfections of AI, Google acknowledges the possibility of misfires and misuse. Users can provide feedback through an opt-in mechanism in Google Search Labs, ensuring continuous refinement and responsible implementation.

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Furthermore, images generated through SGE will carry embedded metadata identifying them as AI-generated, coupled with invisible watermarking powered by SynthID, a technology introduced by Google Cloud and Google DeepMind.

Advanced Draft Writing: Tailoring Your Tone and Length

Building on SGE’s foundation as a writing assistant, the new update introduces enhanced draft writing capabilities. Users can now customize the length and tone of their drafts, allowing for a more personalized and versatile writing experience. Whether crafting a concise message or a detailed document, SGE adapts to the user’s preferences, catering to both serious and casual tones.

Advanced Draft Writing

Export options are seamlessly integrated into both features. Written drafts can be exported to Google Workspace apps, including Gmail and Google Docs, while the generated images find a home in Google Drive.

These features are currently available to a select percentage of SGE users, with a gradual expansion to the wider user base over the next few weeks. To access these cutting-edge capabilities, users need to opt-in to use SGE via Google Search Labs. While SGE itself recently extended its reach to India and Japan, the new image generation and advanced draft writing features are currently offered exclusively in English in the U.S.

Google’s commitment to responsible implementation and continuous improvement positions SGE as a dynamic and user-centric tool, empowering individuals to express their creativity and streamline their writing process in new and exciting ways.

Google's AI-Powered Search
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