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Enhanced Transparency: Google Search Console Introduces Fine-Grained Page Indexing Reports

Google has recently rolled out an update to its page indexing report in Google Search Console, offering more detailed information on issues. According to John Mueller’s statement on Twitter, this update solely affects the reporting aspect and does not impact the actual processing of websites.

Here is one example from Michelle on Twitter:

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The Problem: Certain SEO experts observed a surge in issues reported in the indexing report within Search Console. However, since Google had not provided any explanations or annotations, some website owners mistakenly believed that the issues were specific to their own sites.

Google Search Console Indexing Issues: Google introduced a modification. John Mueller from Google clarified on Twitter that they were experiencing a delay in adding annotations to the report. He mentioned, “We’re in the process of adding an annotation,” and apologized for the delay in publishing it.

The Nature of the Change: John elaborated on the update, stating that “more detailed page indexing issue information is now available.” Consequently, there might be an increase in the number of issues reported. He emphasized that this update does not affect the processing of websites for search purposes but is solely related to reporting.

Why It Matters: If you have noticed alterations in the report, it is likely linked to these reporting changes within Search Console.

Once again, it is crucial to note that this update pertains solely to reporting and does not alter how Google processes your website.

Therefore, if you encounter errors, it is advisable to address those issues moving forward.

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