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Twitter’s Rebranding “X” Announces Theme Changes: Dark Mode to Become Default

Twitter, now known as "X," will be making significant changes to its theme options under the leadership of CEO Elon Musk. The platform will eliminate light mode, leaving only dark mode as the default and available option, sparking discussions among users about its implications for readability and convenience

“X,” the newly rebranded Twitter, is set to undergo significant changes to its theme options, as announced by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. The platform is moving towards eliminating its light mode, leaving dark mode as the sole default and available choice for users.

Currently, Twitter users enjoy the flexibility of selecting between light and dark modes, with the added benefit of a “Dim” option. However, with the forthcoming update, the familiar light mode will no longer be an option, and dark mode will take center stage as the standard theme.


The decision has sparked lively discussions among Twitter’s user base. Many appreciate the convenience of automatic mode switching based on their environment’s lighting conditions. This feature ensures optimal visibility and reduces eye strain, particularly in low-light settings. However, some critics are concerned about the readability of text in daylight with dark mode, as it may pose challenges for individuals with specific visual preferences or impairments.

Elon Musk’s proclivity for frequent changes and updates to the platform has left users unsure about the future direction of Twitter, now known as “X.” While some welcome the company’s innovative approach, others find it challenging to anticipate and adapt to the evolving user experience.

In recent years, Twitter has seen several transformative updates under Elon Musk’s leadership. The platform’s rebranding to “X” was one of the most significant shifts, aiming to position the company as a leader in cutting-edge social media technology. With this latest move to emphasize dark mode, “X” hopes to provide a unified and sleeker user experience.

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The decision to prioritize dark mode has its merits. Many users find dark mode aesthetically pleasing and appreciate the energy-saving benefits, particularly on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens. The darker background can extend battery life and reduce eye strain during extended usage. Furthermore, for users who prefer a consistent look across their devices and apps, dark mode provides a cohesive appearance that aligns with other platforms and operating systems

On the other hand, some users have voiced concerns about the potential drawbacks of exclusively using dark mode. While it excels in low-light conditions, readability could be compromised in well-lit environments. Users with certain visual impairments might find it challenging to read text against a dark background during daylight hours. Additionally, some individuals have reported experiencing discomfort or headaches when using dark mode for extended periods.

To address these concerns, “X” could consider introducing adaptive theme options, allowing users to choose between light and dark modes based on their preferences and environmental conditions. This way, users could enjoy the best of both worlds, experiencing the convenience of automatic switching in low-light settings while having the flexibility to switch to light mode when needed.

In conclusion, Twitter’s rebranded identity as “X” signifies a forward-looking approach under Elon Musk’s leadership. The decision to shift away from light mode and embrace dark mode as the default theme has sparked discussions among users. While dark mode offers several advantages, such as energy-saving benefits and reduced eye strain, there are valid concerns about readability in well-lit conditions. By introducing adaptive theme options, “X” could strike a balance between innovation and user preferences, enhancing the overall experience for its diverse user base. As “X” continues to evolve, users eagerly await further updates and improvements that will shape the future of the social media platform.

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