Building a Future-Proofed SEO Strategy in the Age of AI

Future-proofed SEO strategy
Unlock your digital success with a future-proofed SEO strategy tailored for the AI era. Stay ahead of the competition, drive targeted traffic, and boost your online visibility. Discover the essential techniques and tools to optimize your website for long-term success.

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Recently almost everyone is talking about AI because they have seen its massive potential. Have you been able to place how good AI tools are today and how you can be able to build a future-proofed SEO strategy in the age of AI evolution?

ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in November 2022 ringing the next age od AI. Since then,

  • Google introduced Search Generative Experience (SGE), an AI-powered search
  • Google also launched and improved it’s chatbot, Bard.
  • ChatGPT added search capabilities with Bing.

According to Similarweb, the total traffic to is still growing. Mobile traffic is down but this can be because ChatGPT launched a mobile app.

building a future-proofed SEO strategy in the ge of AI

What you should realize as a marketer is that AI is not yet at the point where you can publish the content cold without fact checking. AI currently excels at generating rough drafts, uncovering intriguing perspectives, alleviating writer’s block and even assisting in editing tasks such as improving grammar. For Now!

According to, recognizing the logarithmic, a surge of AI tools is emerging to edit, summarize and generate diverse content formats. The trajectory points towards an inescapable future where AI permeates all software, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of marketing.

fure-proofed SEO strategy

Every marketer in the technology sector is presently pondering three key queries:

  1. How will the future of AI unfold?
  2. What impact will it have on us?
  3. What actions can we take in response?

In this blog, we’ve made an effort to address these questions specifically in the context of SEO.

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The Implications of AI-Driven Search Engines on Businesses

Understanding the potential impact of AI-driven search engines is crucial for businesses aiming to future-proof their strategies.

AI-driven search engines are expected to divert less traffic to websites ranking for specific keywords compared to traditional search engines. Ai-driven search engines (AISE) provide direct answers, potentially leading users into extended interactions with the AI instead of directing them to external websites.

Think of AISE as a more powerful version of Featured Snippet, leaving minimal space for regular search results. To estimate the potential loss in traffic impact, exclude queries starting with “what, why, where, when or how”. Calculate the portion of non-branded traffic remaining. That’s how much traffic you could lose.

With Perplexity AI as an example:

Below is a screenshot of our search on perplexity ai

SEO in the age of AI

An exception exists for sites featured in the “sources” section at the top of search results. Despite quality of AI response, users may still seek additional information human reviews or more comprehensive answers on external websites. Sites in the “sources” section might experience increased traffic compared to others.

Users, having built trust and habits with certain websites over years, are unlikely to abandon them even with the advent of AI-driven answers.

Validation is required to determine whether searchers are satisfied with AI responses or if they prefer to click through to external sites for further information.

Different keywords show different levels of detail in AI responses, prompting consideration of which industries might face the greatest impact of AISE.

How to Set Up Your Business for Success

1.       Establishing Optimally Through Direct Traffic

Direct traffic stands out as a robust indicator of popularity and frequently yields the highest conversion rates. It serves as a valuable resource, offering flexibility when there are fluctuations in organic traffic.

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To build traffic effectively, consider the following strategies:

  • Exceptional product/service experience: Provide a top-notch customer experience by delivering outstanding customer service, ensuring swift onboarding processes and fostering high engagement with your product.
  • Clear positioning and messaging: Develop strong positioning and messaging to clearly communicate your brand’s value proposition. This clarity contributes to attracting and retaining direct traffic.
  • Strategic advertising: Implement advertising strategies to enhance visibility and attract users directly to your platform. This can include targeted campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive direct visits.
  • Compelling content: Create engaging and informative content that resonates with your target audience. This could encompass blog posts, articles, videos or other content formats that not only draw in direct traffic, but also establish your brand as an authoritative source.

By incorporating these elements, you can fortify your direct traffic, providing reliable source of visitors and enhancing your overall online presence. This diversified approach helps mitigate potential challenges associated with fluctuations in organic traffic.

2.       Develop Unique Content Unattainable by Machines

Artificial intelligence falls short in replacing two essential elements: Human experience and expertise. While potential for AI is to mimic expertise might emerge in the future, currently, it remains beyond its capabilities.

Even if machines could simulate experiences, human narratives often hold more appeal. Considering high-intent keywords and topics related to experiences can guide content creation today.

Travel guides, exemplify content that revolves around experiences, but this concept extends to product reviews or issues descriptions. Emphasizing the human experience adds a distinctive touch.

The identity of a content creator is already significant and may grow importance. Certain author possesses an unparalleled connection to their subjects, making them irreplaceable by generic machines.

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Reflect on figures like Dr. Andrew Huberman in the realm of supplements, Tim Ferris in self-improvement or Henry Kissinger in diplomacy.

Companies should contemplate how to attract top-notch authors relevant to their topics and potentially secure exclusive rights to their content. It wouldn’t be surprising if, in the future, companies exclusively license content from recognized experts.

3.       Innovate Ways to Uncover Customer Search Intent

While search volumes serves as both a blessing and a curse, its reliability has long been questionable. Instead of solely relying on traditional metrics, consider running experiments in paid search to gauge the conversion potential of specific keywords.

Given the uncertainty about the future availability of demand metrics like search volume or visibility metrics like keyword ranks in SEO, it becomes essential to explore alternative methods for understanding customer needs.

Engaging in conversations with customers about their user and search journeys proves to be the most effective approaches. For instance, individuals seeking a mattress may have specific requirements, such as alleviating back pain. Their searches could include phrases like “best mattresses for back pain,” or “best mattress for back pain and sleep apnea.”

In cases where direct communication with customers and prospects isn’t feasible, analyze sales or support call transcripts using AI tools like Humata. This allows you to extract valuable insights even when direct conversations aren’t possible, ensuring a nuanced understanding of customer search intent.

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